Setting Up Certificates for EM12c

As some would know, EM12c comes up with a demo security certificate that can generate security warnings when you attempt to use HTTP/S to connect to an OMS. The details are documented here for those that are not familiar with it.

I often see questions on how I get rid of these alerts. Well, of course, you can always just ignore them , but most of the time you want a permanent way of addressing it. So to summarize, here’s how you do it – all documented through My Oracle Support notes, so I’ll just give you the relevant document ID’s.

The important thing to be aware of here is there are three different components that need to be secured – the console/OMS, the WebLogic admin console and the agent. The relevant note numbers are:

NOTE:1399293.1 – EM 12c Cloud Control How to Create a Wallet With Third Party Trusted Certificate that Can Be Imported into the OMS For SSL Comunication ?

NOTE:1527874.1 – 12c Cloud Control: Steps to Create and Import Third Party / Self-Signed SSL Certificates for WebLogic Server in an Enterprise Manager Installation

NOTE:1593183.1 – 12c Cloud Control: Steps to Import Third Party Trusted SSL Certificate into 12c Cloud Control Agent URL

NOTE:437660.1 – Enterprise Manager Console UI: Accessing the Grid Console/Cloud Console/Agent Metric Browser shows “Certificate Errors”

Hopefully that will help you to remove those pesky security alerts for good. Now if only I had time to do that on my environment! 🙂



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