Data Cloning and Refresh

For some time now, I’ve been creating blog posts that walk you through using some of the Enterprise Manager technology to perform specific tasks. For example, there’s one here on setting up Chargeback in EM I’ve never been really satisfied with the way these blog posts turn out, as to document a step by step process like this takes lots of screenshots and you end up with a post that’s a mile long. It also gives the impression that doing something can be quite complex, when in fact it might only take a few minutes to perform all those steps.

In this blog post, I thought I’d take a different approach. Recently, I recorded a couple of screenwatches for use on OTN. One was on creating a test master database with continuous flow using a Data Guard standby database (available here) and the other on how to use Snap Clone outside the cloud environment (available here).

Both those URL’s stream off YouTube. If you want to download them and play them back off your own computer, here are the relevant links:

Continuous Flow – the relevant checksums if you want to make sure it has downloaded properly are:

CRC-32: f4fb51db
MD4: 8c3fbefff8cb8c464bf946739d30121b
MD5: a40a2a8232e53265b04ce789f8fa5738
SHA-1: ceafcb9e2d395a7756f25799fb58e4a7c11dbd10

Snap Clone outside the cloud environment – the relevant checksums if you want to make sure it has downloaded properly are:

CRC-32: 9e0cea20
MD4: dd9d87ac4fc78a65d1ef79cb93c3b690
MD5: 9101f17ed289714aeee6b42974abc085
SHA-1: 63c2e2228b4e33a7a0552484903b51883fc80da5

The screenwatches both start with some explanation of what you can achieve using EM to clone data in the way referred to in the video, and then walk you through the process of actually doing it. Of course, the only problem with loading videos (apart from the size) instead of screenshots is you will need to manually pause them if you want to stop and read the details of the screen. In any case, try them out and let me know (post a comment below if you like) which way you prefer – long step by step screenshot posts, or these shorter video versions.


After 22 years of working at Oracle in just about every role except Marketing and Support, I am now working as a Senior Managed Services Consultant with Data Intensity, specializing in Oracle Database technology, High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. I am also a member of the OakTable Network, and have presented at RMOUG Training Days, Hotsos Symposia, Oracle OpenWorld conferences, and other user group events. I have co-authored the Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Practical Oracle Database Appliance books published by Apress, and am one of the authors of the Building Database Clouds in Oracle Database 12c book published by Addison Wesley.

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