Troubleshooting Target Status Availability Issues

If you’ve been using EM12c (or any of its precursors for that matter), you’d know that it can sometimes be problematic to troubleshoot an availability issue for targets.  You can see they might be up (hopefully!), down, pending, unreachable or showing a metric collection error, but understanding what’s causing that particular status (and indeed why it can sometimes be wrong) can be difficult at times.

Thankfully there’s a couple of Information Publisher reports in EM12c from up (a patch is available to get the functionality in EM see patch# 16457404) to help with troubleshooting these target availability issues.  The two reports are called “Target Status Diagnostics Report: Agent-based targets” and “Target Status Diagnostics Report: Repository-based targets”.  The agent-based targets report is used for diagnosing issues with databases, listeners or ASM environments, while the repository-based targets report is used for clustered targets – the cluster itself, clustered databases, or clustered ASM.  The reports can be useful for issues such as these:

  • Listener status down, pending, metric error, or agent unreachable
  • Database instance status down, pending, metric error, or agent unreachable
  • Database system status down, pending, metric error, or agent unreachable
  • Cluster database status down, pending , or metric error
  • Cluster ASM status down, pending, or metric error
  • ASM Instance status down, pending , metric error, or agent unreachable
  • Automatic Storage Management status down, pending, metric error or  agent unreachable
  • Agent status Agent Unreachable (Under Migration), Agent Unreachable (Cannot Write to File System), Agent Unreachable (Collections Disabled), Agent Unreachable (Disk Full), Agent Unreachable (Post Blackout), Agent Unreachable (Communication Broken), Unreachable (Agent Misconfigured), or Agent Unreachable
  • Agent status Agent Blocked (Blocked Manually), Agent Blocked (Plug-in Mismatch), or Agent Blocked (Bounce Counter Mismatch)
  • Agent status Status Pending (Target Addition in Progress), Status Pending (Post Blackout), Status Pending (Post Metric Error), or Agent status Status Pending

Let’s take a look at an environment where my single instance test database is showing a status of Agent Unreachable, and use the “Target Status Diagnostics Report: Agent-based targets” report to identify why.  Here’s a short video I produced that shows you how to do that:

Hope that helps someone with diagnosing these sorts of target availability issues!


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