Enterprise Manager 13c and AWS

This posting is to try to clarify what is supported when using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c (EM13c) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The question came from some of our sales consultants who were finding confusing information about what is actually supported when using EM13c and AWS, so I have asked our Support folks to write a support note to provide the definitive answer on this. While that is being written, I thought I would post a quick blog that could be used to help clarify matters.

So let’s look at what the different scenarios are:

Using on-premises Enterprise Manager to manage public cloud resources without Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): The Hybrid Cloud Management functionality available in Enterprise Manager 12cR5 and beyond uses SSH tunneling without VPC to monitor Oracle Cloud resources. This set of features is ONLY supported for Oracle Cloud. In fact, the code will not allow the gateway agent to be configured for a 3rd party cloud.

NOTE: In this scenario, there is an existing EM plugin for EC2 that can create an Amazon target type and monitor some cloudwatch metrics using REST, but it’s only basic.

Using Enterprise Manager installed on Amazon to monitor resources on Amazon: This is the scenario where you deploy the OMS and all the targets on Amazon. In this case, Oracle has not explicitly certified the deployment scenario and will treat this as just another data center deployment, as long as all the relevant Enterprise Manager pre-requisites (and any over-arching Oracle policies) are being adhered to.

Using VPC: If you have implemented VPC to unify your data center and Amazon at the network layer, and you have http(s) access between the OMS and agents, then you can use Enterprise Manager installed anywhere within the VPC to monitor the resources within the VPC.

To summarize, barring the first scenario for Oracle Cloud, none of the other scenarios are certified, but we have not explicitly banned them either. We treat those scenarios as just forms of data center deployments and as long as the Enterprise Manager pre-requisites (OS versions, packages, network configurations and so on) and any over-arching Oracle policies are satisfied, we remain agnostic.

I hope that will clarify matters for you!


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