My New Book!

After what seems like eons since we first started on it, I’m excited to announce a new book I co-authored is finally out. The book is called “Building Database Clouds in Oracle 12c” and is available on Amazon. Of course, it really isn’t that long ago that we started writing the book, but there’s been a lot happening between then and now!

The book was co-authored with Tariq Farooq and Sridhar Avantsa. Tariq asked me to write the material on Enterprise Manager (chapters 4 – 8 in the book), which was done over a number of releases of EM12c. We deliberately left the material on the versions it was written on, because people are still on a variety of different releases, so you can see how it applies in the version you’re using.

From a content perspective, this is what the book covers:

  • Chapter 1: Database as a Service Concepts – 360 Degrees
  • Chapter 2: The Database Cloud Administrator – Duties and Roles
  • Chapter 3: Cloud Computing with DBaaS – Benefits and Advantages
  • Chapter 4: Schema Consolidation in Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Chapter 5: Database Consolidation in Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Chapter 6: Metering and Chargeback in Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Chapter 7: Manage and Administer the Database Cloud in Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Chapter 8: Cloning Databases in Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Chapter 9: Virtualizing RAC 12c (DB Clouds) on Oracle VM – Grid Infrastructure
  • Chapter 10: Virtualizing RAC 12c (DB Clouds) on Oracle VM VirtualBox – RAC Databases

Targeted for Oracle DBA’s, this expert’s handbook is intended to serve as a practical, technical, go-to reference for performing administration operations and tasks for building out, managing, monitoring, and administering DB Clouds. I hope you find it’s of use!


After 22 years of working at Oracle in just about every role except Marketing and Support, in December 2016 I moved to a new role with a small company called archTIS, based out of Barton in the ACT, Australia. My new role is the technical architect for the company and I own the product technical solutions for the products produced by archTIS. archTIS has developed strategic architecture and solution services to enable the rapid implementation and accreditation of secure information management and sharing capabilities for both the enterprise and the smaller communities of interest. You can find out more about the company at our web site, I am also a member of the OakTable Network, and have presented at RMOUG Training Days, Hotsos Symposia, Oracle OpenWorld conferences, and other user group events. I have co-authored the Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Practical Oracle Database Appliance books published by Apress, and am one of the authors of the Building Database Clouds in Oracle Database 12c book published by Addison Wesley.

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