It’s That Time Again! Time for OOW2016!

Yes, it’s that crazy time of the year again, when the city of San Francisco turns red – it’s Oracle Open World (OOW) 2016! If you’re planning on going this year, I hope you have your hotel room booked, because they disappear very, VERY quickly!

Every year just before OOW, the product teams produce what we call Focus On documents, that show you all the sessions (both customer and Oracle presented) around a particular area. This year is, of course, no different in that respect, so if you want to know what’s coming up in the Enterprise Manager space, you can do no better than going directly to our Focus on Enterprise Manager document. Likewise, there is a Focus on Oracle Management Cloud document, for those that are interested in the OMC space. These are living, breathing documents, so as changes are made (whether those changes be changes in time, room allocation, speaker, whatever) they will be automatically propagated to the relevant Focus on document, so remember to come back and check on them regularly.

Database Lifecycle Management and Database Cloud Management

The documents linked to above cover all of EM / OMC. The group that I’m in has responsibility for a more focused area, which covers Database Lifecycle Management (DBLM) and Database Cloud Management, so of course these areas are of more interest to most people! 😉 So let’s drill into those sessions in a little more detail. Please note I’ve left the rooms / times off the listing below as they are still subject to change. See the Focus on Enterprise Manager document for the most up to date information on these (I’ve included the session ID’s for ease of cross reference). Also note the Hands-on Labs, where you can get practical experience on using the Enterprise Manager functionality in different areas, always fill up quickly so first in best-dressed for those!

  • Harden and Standardize Your Database Configurations Across Clouds [CON6978] – A fantastic presentation put together by yours truly, along with Tim Albrecht (Database Administrator, Wells Fargo), and Madhav Ravipati (Lead/Supervisor Database Administrator, PG&E). Do you think your database environments are secure? This presentation examines how to really be sure by using Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c database lifecycle management functionality. It provides the ability to evaluate various targets along with Oracle’s engineered systems, as they relate to business best practices for configuration, security, and storage. In this session see the tools available to enforce standardization on your IT landscape, including Oracle Database 12c security technical implementation guide checks, ORAchk/EXAchk functionalities, and ways to build gold images of your environment to check configuration management, drift, and consistency.
  • Hybrid DBaaS with Oracle Enterprise Manager: Comcast’s 7 Goals for the Cloud [CAS1595] – Presented by Bala Kuchibhotla (VP of Software Development at Oracle), Jayson Hurd (Database Administrator, Comcast) and Tejas Gohil (Manager, Comcast). Comcast has a footprint of more than 2,500 Oracle databases running on 1,500 servers. Oracle Enterprise Manager’s cloud management capabilities have revolutionized Comcast’s service delivery method, cutting process times and operational costs dramatically. Comcast has shifted its delivery model from a ticket-based, mostly manual process to a fully automated database-as-a-service (DBaaS), portal-based service catalog model. In this session Comcast demonstrates how it was able to cut costs and increase compliance and efficiency by embracing the following: fully automated environment, self-service, controlled delegation of routine tasks and maintenance, reduction in mean time to repair, rapid provisioning, a common interface, and maximized consolidation.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: Unifying Self-Service PaaS Across Multivendor Cloud [CAS2348] – A customer presentation, presented by Adrian Turner (Infrastructure Architect, Maersk). This session demonstrates Maersk’s approach to providing quota-limited self-service capability across multiple vendor clouds, using Oracle Enterprise Manager 13’s cloud management pack. It explores the following:
    • The infrastructure-as-a-service delivery approach (templates, automation, and provisioning)
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c configuration (agent deployment, administration hierarchies, monitoring collections, and configuration collections)
    • Architecture compliance enforcement through the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c compliance framework
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager cloud management pack configuration and allocation to database and middleware pools
    • Self-service delivery via REST APIs
  • Deep Dive: Snap Clone and Data Refresh Solutions using Oracle Enterprise Manager [CON6982] – Presented by Janardhana Korapala (Database Admin Consultant, Dell Inc), Subhadeep Sengupta (Consulting Product Manager, Oracle), and Martin Pena (Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle) – Creating private copies of large multiterabyte databases is a critical requirement for many customers in their efforts to build and deliver high-quality applications. The challenge is to provide these copies quickly and without adding additional storage costs. In addition, these copies may need to be continuously refreshed to match production data. In this session learn how the Oracle Enterprise Manager Snap Clone feature
    • Performs instant cloning of large databases while saving more than 90 percent on storage costs
    • Fits perfectly with your existing investments in storage, servers, and engineered systems
    • Is best suited for performing thin cloning even within Oracle cloud instances
  • Expanding DBaaS Beyond Data Centers: Hybrid Cloud Onboarding via Oracle Enterprise Manager [CON6985] – Presented by Bala Kuchibhotla (Vice President, Software Development, Oracle), Bharat Paliwal, (Snr. Development Director, Oracle), and Subhadeep Sengupta (Consulting Product Manager, Oracle) – Hybrid clouds are becoming standard for building next-generation SaaS applications. The challenge for IT is how to run and manage database operations supporting both environments. Oracle’s DBaaS hybrid cloud solutions simplify coexistence and adoption of Oracle cloud deployments. They allow transparent movement of workloads using the same architecture, standards, products, and management. In this session learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c enables DBAs to:
    • Migrate databases to/within/from Oracle Cloud on-demand
    • Implement a unified service catalog that includes schemas, databases, and pluggables
    • Obtain a single pane of glass view and perform lifecycle management tasks across database clouds
  • Hands-on Lab: Harnessing the Value of Hybrid Cloud—Complete Management of Cloud Services [HOL7631] – In this hands on lab learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager 13 manages the full range of Oracle cloud services, including Oracle Compute Cloud Service, Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Java Cloud Service, and Oracle Cloud Machine. Experience firsthand how cloud services are managed by the same Oracle Enterprise Manager tools that customers use on premises to monitor, provision, and maintain Oracle Database, Oracle engineered systems, Oracle Applications, Oracle Middleware, and a variety of third-party systems. Discover the latest enhancements, including gold image provisioning and standardized software deployment, data cloning and “continuous refresh” from production, and end-to-end provisioning on Oracle Compute Cloud Service.
  • Hands-on Lab: Relief from Chronic Patching Pain—Oracle Enterprise Manager Fleet Maintenance [HOL7632] – Whether you are patching a handful or even thousands of databases, long downtimes and multiple maintenance windows can cause pain for DBAs and application owners. Ease the suffering and improve the quality of life for DBAs by using the Oracle Enterprise Manager fleet maintenance solution. It allows administrators to patch and upgrade database software with minimal downtime as well as updates at scale across your entire database estate, significantly reducing the time required for maintenance activities. Now available for both traditional database estates as well as cloud implementations, the Oracle Enterprise Manager fleet maintenance solution is a must-have for managing databases at scale. Attend this session to learn more.

So there you have it! Plenty to see and do this year with Enterprise Manager at #OOW2016!


After 22 years of working at Oracle in just about every role except Marketing and Support, I am now working as a Senior Managed Services Consultant with Data Intensity, specializing in Oracle Database technology, High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. I am also a member of the OakTable Network, and have presented at RMOUG Training Days, Hotsos Symposia, Oracle OpenWorld conferences, and other user group events. I have co-authored the Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Practical Oracle Database Appliance books published by Apress, and am one of the authors of the Building Database Clouds in Oracle Database 12c book published by Addison Wesley.

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