Installing a agent on a Linux 5.x platform from a 13.1 OMS

Is that enough version numbers for you? 🙂

The issue this post will address (very briefly because it’s the week before OOW2016 and life is crazy!) is this. If you are running a 13.1 version of the OMS, and you try to push a agent to a Linux box that’s running some version of 5.x (such as RHEL5 or OL5), you will get an error message saying you are unable to install the agent on that particular host.

Now there is a way to get around that issue. You will need to first install 2 patches on the OMS:

  • Patch 22581985: agent & 13.1 OMS returns ERROR- Failed to Update Target Type Metadata
  • Patch 22741755: Add PS4 agents to monitor OEL5 systems not be available after upgrade to 13.1BP1

Once you have done that, all you need to do is follow the instructions in Support Note 2128756.1 (search for it on as I get the internal version when I try to access it), and voila!


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