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Today I can finally tell you the good news on my new role. December 8th was my last day at Oracle. So what was the good news? I already have a new job, as a technical architect with a small company called archTIS. I saw the job advertised on LinkedIn and applied, spent an hour and a half in a phone interview the next day, got called in to meet the CEO the day after and he offered me the job on the spot! I’ve already started in the new role, and it looks both exciting AND challenging. Couldn’t be more happy as a result. 🙂

Coming back to all the questions people asked when they heard I was leaving Oracle:

– Yes, I’m back to working Australian hours, Monday to Friday (which by itself means quite a few changes!)
– Yes, I’m back to working at the company’s office (which by itself means quite a few more changes!)
– No, this probably does not mean more trips to the US. In fact, there probably won’t be any unless we pay for it (which is very sad).
– No, I’m not going to retire! 🙂

The one thing I will really, REALLY miss from the old role is the people. I probably won’t be getting to many conferences, so please, PLEASE stay in contact!!! I’ve already updated my contact details on LinkedIn, and you can now contact me either at Gmail or at archTIS.

With the change to my new role at archTIS, the focus of my website will change away from the Enterprise Manager posts I’ve been making in the past. However, people will undoubtedly still find that material of interest, so I will simply archive it all under this page. If you find any broken links as a result, please let me know at my work email address and I’ll fix it as soon as I can. I’ve left the blog posts, and the tips and techniques section, where they were previously located.

I’m really looking forward to the challenge of this new role – it certainly is keeping me busy already!


After 22 years of working at Oracle in just about every role except Marketing and Support, I am now working as a Senior Managed Services Consultant with Data Intensity, specializing in Oracle Database technology, High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. I am also a member of the OakTable Network, and have presented at RMOUG Training Days, Hotsos Symposia, Oracle OpenWorld conferences, and other user group events. I have co-authored the Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Practical Oracle Database Appliance books published by Apress, and am one of the authors of the Building Database Clouds in Oracle Database 12c book published by Addison Wesley.


  1. All the best for your new role, i hope you will enjoy it!!

  2. Take care Pete and good luck in your new role!

  3. Good Luck with your new job Pete!

  4. Congrats Peter. There is a life outside Oracle!!

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