Creating the Listener and Database in Silent Mode


In previous posts, I talked about a customer where I needed to do a silent installation of the Grid Infrastructure and Database, as well as the post installation configuration steps. For that particular customer, I didn’t create an empty database but used RMAN to duplicate the existing database. But what about if you want to create a new listener and database in silent mode as well? That’s what this post covers.


Just like my previous posts, I installed the RDBMS using a response file. Since I’ve already covered that earlier, I’m not going to reproduce that here again. Once the RDBMS software is installed, it’s just a matter of creating the listener and the database. Creating the listener is dead easy. Oracle provides a netca.rsp file, which for my simple installation didn’t need any modification at all. Here’s the file:

And to create the listener, you just need:


Now we have the listener started, let’s set up the database using a response file as well. This time, I did need to make some changes to the response file Oracle provided. As you can probably guess by looking at some of my changes, the database we’re creating here is going to be used for the Enterprise Manager repository for this customer. Oh, one thing – obviously I didn’t use “password” as the password for SYS, SYSTEM and DBSNMP when I really ran this! 🙂 Here’s the dbca.rsp file I used – note the changes end at the line that contains "*** End of CREATEDATABASE section ***" (the rest is for your edification):

Now, I knew building the database would take longer than creating the listener, even when I was using a pre-existing template, so given my experience with other silent installations, it would be worth adding the “-showProgress” flag. Of course, in a wonderful show of consistency from one product to another, that flag isn’t recognised for DBCA, but it shows the progress anyway by default!

So there you have it. The listener is up and running, and the database is likewise. The next step is a silent installation of the Enterprise Manager software, but that can wait for another post!


After 22 years of working at Oracle in just about every role except Marketing and Support, I am now working as a Senior Managed Services Consultant with Data Intensity, specializing in Oracle Database technology, High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. I am also a member of the OakTable Network, and have presented at RMOUG Training Days, Hotsos Symposia, Oracle OpenWorld conferences, and other user group events. I have co-authored the Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Practical Oracle Database Appliance books published by Apress, and am one of the authors of the Building Database Clouds in Oracle Database 12c book published by Addison Wesley.


  1. Perfect timing. I need to create some silent scripts for NETCA and DBCA to configure and register DBs in EUD. I’m sure your entry will be extremely helpful.

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