BI Publisher

BI Publisher, or to use its full name, Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, is a strategic enterprise reporting product that provides the ability to create and manage highly formatted reports from a wide range of data sources. You can design the layout of your BI Publisher reports using Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat then create the reports from different types of data sources.

EM12c is integrated with BI Publisher 11g. Oracle recommends using BI Publisher to create reports for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. Release 11g of BI Publisher includes the Data Model Editor, which is a graphical user interface for building data models within the BI Publisher interface, and the Layout Editor, which is a design tool that enables you to create report layouts within BI Publisher.

There are a number of different resources you can use for BI Publisher. These include:

I’ve also started posting some FAQ’s for BI Publisher, which I’ll gradually add more to over time:

  • BI Publisher Reports Internet Explorer 11 issue
  • How do I disable BI Publisher?
  • How to fix BIP not starting after abrupt system failure?
  • Is there a way to backup the BI reports in EM?

These can all be found on my Tips and Techniques page.

Of course, Enterprise Manager has been providing another reporting tool for many years, Information Publisher. However, that tool has been deprecated with EM12c and no further enhancements will be made to it. As yet, there is no date for the actual desupport of the tool, but you should write any new reports with BIP rather than Information Publisher.

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